Best memes and tweets after Timberwolves win their Super Bowl

After winning their Super Bowl in the NBA’s play-in tournament, Timberwolves fans celebrated like never before on social media.

The Timberwolves defeated the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night behind an incredible 31-point fourth quarter, as they overcame a late deficit to clinch a spot in the first-round against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Was the celebrating a little over the top? Sure. But why the heck not? Participation trophies don’t grow on trees.

Minnesota, led by Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, D’Angelo Russell and Patrick Beverley, are headed to the real postseason. Beverley defended his team’s celebration after the game on Twitter:

Now, just imagine if the T-Wolves make a run? Would anyone make it out of the stadium alive?

Timberwolves defeat Clippers: Best memes and tweets

Charles Barkley was far from the only analyst, pundit or fan to take a jab at the Minnesota franchise for treating the play-in tournament like the NBA Finals. That being said, this is what Adam Silver wanted — more competitive games in smaller market that aren’t as used to seeing playoff basketball.

Grow the game, right?

Random NBA fans probably don’t understand the hardship Timberwolves supporters went through on a yearly basis.

In the end, we’re happy for Minnesota basketball fans. It’s been a long run of futility — truly one that only a few fanbases could ever understand.

But it doesn’t mean we also can’t have some fun at their expense.

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