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Kyrie Irving says he wants to stay in Brooklyn, but Celtics fans don’t believe him

It looks like the Brooklyn Nets will be having Kyrie Irving around for the foreseeable future, but Boston Celtics fans seem skeptical.

Kyrie Irving is apparently happy with the Brooklyn Nets and wants to continue spending some time in New York playing alongside Kevin Durant. It’s a pretty good fit for everyone involved and the Nets are a championship contender. There’s no shame in Irving wanting to stay there.

But, well, Celtics fans don’t really believe Irving and his stated desire to play alongside Durant in Brooklyn.

Here’s how Celtics fans are reacting:

Boston Celtics fans react to Kyrie Irving saying he wants to stay with Brooklyn Nets

While it’s not uncommon for fans to be skeptical of statements that athletes and coaches make when discussing contracts, this situation seems to be a bit different. Because of Irving’s history with Boston and the way he left the Celtics, it makes sense that they’d feel scorned.

And man, are they not believing what Irving is saying.

Will Irving continue to be a member of the Nets? We’ll see. Despite some playing time issues that centered around his refusal to get a COVID-19 vaccine, Irving has had a pretty solid couple seasons with the Nets.

Brooklyn hasn’t won a championship with Irving or Durant yet, but there’s no real reason to believe that the duo will be unable to get a title in the near future. Of course, we’ll see if Irving will remain with the Nets going forward. There’s no real reason for him to leave and it would be pretty shocking for that to happen.

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