LeBron James slaps floor in frustration after ankle injury (Video)

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James went through an injury scare as the Lakers were facing off against the Phoenix Suns.

It’s generally a pretty concerning thing whenever an NBA player lands awkwardly and ends up hitting the floor in frustration. When it happens to an older superstar like LeBron James, things tend to be put on pause for a little bit.

That’s what happened when the Los Angeles Lakers star went down in the third quarter against the Phoenix Suns.

Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron James appears upset after injury scare

The Lakers were hoping to be championship contenders this season, but injury issues have plagued the team with one of the oldest rosters around. Right now, the Lakers are sitting with the seventh seed.

That’s not great.

There’s something to be said about having an experienced team, but the risk of injury issues can become more of a problem with a roster like the Lakers’.

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