Listen to Grizzlies’ fans chanting ‘DE-FENSE’ with a 78-point lead

Memphis Grizzlies fans chanting “DE-FENSE” when up 78 points on the Oklahoma City Thunder is the type of inherent pettiness all NBA fans’ souls crave.

Not only did the Memphis Grizzlies curb stomp the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night, their fans were petty enough to change “DE-FENSE” late in the fourth quarter up 78 points.

Memphis has a reputation to uphold. This is the house that Grit ‘N Grind built. While allowing the opposition to only score 79 points in your building is certainly commendable, putting up 152 points on a record-setting night is nothing short of astounding. Memphis improved to 12-10 on the season, while rebuilding Oklahoma City fell to 6-16 on the year. How does OKC ever recover?

Every so often there will be a box score that does not look feasibly possible, and this was that box score in the NBA on Thursday night.

Memphis Grizzlies fans chant “DE-FENSE” while already up 78 points

While credit should be given to the Grizzlies for their most dominating performance of the season, how does a team like the Thunder lose by 73 points? Well, for starters, never score more than 26 points in a quarter offensively and let the opposition put in at least 31 through the hoop in every frame. Score fewer than 20 points in a quarter twice and allow 41 two times, and there you go.

Overall, Memphis sits as the No. 5 team in the Western Conference through 22 games, while Oklahoma City finds itself in 12th place through the same amount of games. While the Grizzlies should be a playoff team and the Thunder are clearly rebuilding, who could have seen this lopsided of a game being played out in FedEx Forum? There may never be a bigger blowout than this one.

It is a guarantee that Memphis will not beat the Dallas Mavericks by 73 points on Saturday night.

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