Ray Allen says Steph Curry is on a different level from him and Reggie Miller

NBA Hall of Fame shooter Ray Allen complimented Golden State Warriors Steph Curry on nearing his all-time 3-point record. 

For 18 years, Ray Allen dominated the NBA known as the best 3-point shooter in NBA history.

Allen surpassed Reggie Miller, another great, on the NBA all-time leaderboard for 3-point makes. From 1996 to 2014, Allen made 2,973 3-point shots.

It is the most 3-pointers anyone has ever made in the NBA, solidifying the notion that Allen is the greatest shooter that ever lived.

Then, Steph Curry happened.

In his 13th NBA season, Curry is already closing in on Allen’s career record at the age of 33. Curry is playing some of the best ball of his life, leading the Golden State Warriors to an 18-3 record as he tops the leaderboard as the league’s MVP frontrunner.

Curry only needs 33 more 3s to catch up to Allen, and Allen couldn’t be happier for him.

“I’m happy for him and his family because it’s something that you get to say that you did, something that you accomplished,” Allen said Wednesday. “In your time playing in this league, with all the great players that have come, you get to say that I was one of the best, if not the best, to ever do it.”

Allen went on to say that. Curry operates “in a lane of his own.”

Ray Allen praises Steph Curry as he advances toward all-time 3-point title

Allen’s connection to Curry predates his prodigious NBA career, as Allen met a young Steph around age 10.

Back then, Allen was a burgeoning All-Star on the Milwaukee Bucks, and Steph’s father, Dell Curry, was a seasoned veteran who spent the 1998-99 season with the team.

“Steph used to come into Milwaukee when he was younger, him and Seth [Curry],” Allen recalled. “And (Bucks coach) George Karl used to let them participate in shootaround. So, they’d come and we’d go through drills and they’d be right there with us. And they’d hold their own.”

Allen recalled that Dell Curry was “the best shooter that I’d ever seen” at the time. Over two decades later, Dell’s son Steph is in a lane of his own among NBA legends.

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