76ers without Ben Simmons summed up in 1 play (Video)

The Philadelphia 76ers could use a point guard — or a true replacement for Ben Simmons. Without him, they look broken on the fast break.

Philly is still a formidable squad without Simmons on the team, but by no means are they the NBA Title threat they once were.

Simmons broke down come the postseason last year, failing to come up large when the 76ers needed him. Despite entering his fifth season as a professional, the LSU product remains unwilling to shoot a jumpshot, making him one-dimensional as a player.

Simmons is great on the fast break, but in the halfcourt, he cannot coexist with Joel Embiid. The two Philly stars clog the middle, meaning one has to go — and Daryl Morey is unlikely to deal the perennial All-Star big man.

76ers looks lost without Ben Simmons on the fast break

Sure, it was just one play, but the 76ers looked downright lost on the fast break all night long. Without Simmons, leading the fast break was left to a committee approach. Frankly, it’s not something Andre Drummond should ever attempt on his own.

Drummond’s existence on this 76ers squad behind Embiid is funny to say the least, as the two used to be rivals on the court and adversaries on social media. If Drummond was ever honest with himself, it was never a real competition. Embiid’s always been the fat superior player.

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