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Cade Cunningham settles GOAT debate between LeBron, Michael Jordan

Cade Cunningham gives his thoughts on the GOAT debate while relying on what he has seen as a mature 19-year old entering the NBA.

You can’t blame Cade Cunningham. After all, he was born in 2001 and it would be impossible for him to remember Michael Jordan’s underrated years as a Washington Wizard in 2001 and 2002 let alone his career with that other team in Chicago where he won six NBA championships.

“I always say I’ve been able to see LeBron I was never able to be around and see full games and know all the storylines going into games things like that with Michael Jordan,” Cunningham told Da Windy City podcast.

Cunningham can also be excused for not remembering the details of the 2011 Finals when LeBron and Miami coughed up a 2-1 series lead to Cunningham’s favorite team growing up the Dallas Mavericks. James scored eight points in Game 4 and was minus 24 in Game 6.

“It’s hard for me to put somebody ahead of LeBron cause LeBron is the best player I’ve seen with my eyes,” Cunningham said. “Trust me I’ve seen all the Michael Jordan stuff, dude is different. I can’t argue with the fact that you think he is the GOAT but in my eyes I say LeBron.”

Cade Cunningham grew up with LeBron James, not Michael Jordan

Yes, Cunningham figured out quickly he was talking to a biased reporter who grew up in Chicago rooting for the Bulls — as correct as that reporter believes he is.

Meanwhile, Cunningham is working on blazing his own path as the number one overall pick. He will be trying to resurrect a Detroit franchise that hasn’t won a playoff game since 2008, while not putting too much pressure on himself.

“I think perspective is everything in this league,” Cunningham said. “I’m coming in as the number one pick and I know people want to see that instant success that instant impact and trust me I’m planning to get to it right now. I plan to win and put on shows right now, but I also know that I’m 19 years old and I’m just stepping into this league and there is a lot more to learn about the league. I know it’s a long journey.”

Whenever Cunningham talks about success, his focus quickly turns to the team and wanting to be a leader of a group that has massive success.

“I’m really focused on being able to win championships and I know you can’t win a championship in a summer league game,” Cunningham said. “I know it’s really hard to win a championship going into your rookie season. It’s all about working and steady climbing.”

Cunningham comes from a hard-working family. His father awoke at 4:15 a.m and his Mom right after, working for an electric company and a travel agency. Their work ethic had an impact on Cunningham who comes across as much more mature than the average 19-year-old.

“I’ve seen my parents go through adversity, stay calm, never make me or my siblings feel like anything was going on,” Cunningham said. “I think the best thing I did growing up was just pay attention and listen to my elders and watch what I liked and didn’t like.”

Cunningham was also influenced by one of his brothers who is a strict vegan. He plans to live a vegan lifestyle as an NBA player to gain a further edge on his competition.

Cade Cunningham spoke to FanSided about his partnership with JUST Egg, which he uses to fuel his body. 

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