Celtics are finally ready to retire Kevin Garnett’s jersey

Many wondered when the time would come to retire the great No. 5, belonging to Kevin Garnett. The Boston Celtics have announced when that day will finally arrive.

It’s finally here.

After wondering when we’d hear about the Boston Celtics retiring Kevin Garnett’s jersey, we finally get an update that sounds like it’ll finally be happening. But if you didn’t know, earlier on, the retirement ceremony was put on pause with no inkling of when they’d plan to resume the festivities. (Thanks, COVID.)

But we can finally appreciate the Livest Five to ever do it: KG, the Big Ticket, the Franchise.

The Boston Celtics announce that they’ll finally be honoring Kevin Garnett and putting his jersey up to the rafters this season

KG has done a lot for the Celtics, particularly in 2008, when the first inkling of “Big 3” talk made the airwaves. He was an ominous cloud looming over teams when it came to his performance in the post. Plus, he was simply appreciated by the franchise that loved him so.

It sucked to see the ceremony get postponed, especially since he and the Minnesota Timberwolves have a fickle relationship and no one knew if the Celtics would ever be able to reschedule. Partner that with the last jersey retirement ceremony going the way it went ….

Luckily, the Celtics have announced that March 13, 2022 is the date. The C’s take on the Dallas Mavericks that night after all of the other festivities have subsided. They chose that date so Jason Kidd would also be in attendance.

Let’s hope Luka Doncic doesn’t put a number on them, or maybe they’ll have to take the jersey down and have KG suit up.

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