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NBA rumors: 76ers won’t trade Ben Simmons unless it’s for Damian Lillard

The Ben Simmons trade speculation is heating up and it’s getting more and more outrageous, with the Philadelphia 76ers now holding out for Damian Lillard.

It just gets better and better with the Ben Simmons trade buzz. We’ll avoid the obvious talking points since we’ve heard it all before: He just wants to play for a new team and wants out of Philadelphia as soon as possible.

The Philadelphia 76ers feel exactly the same, so there’s no miscommunication on that part. But the reality is that their requests are not conducive to what would work for their franchise. Their track record extends from requesting first-round draft picks, to a “James Harden-esque” return.

So what’s the latest update to their unrealistic expectations?

The 76ers are holding out on a Ben Simmons trade unless it involves Damian Lillard

The Sixers have high standards and even higher expectations if they’re going to give up Simmons. Their newest standard is holding out on any trade unless the Portland Trail Blazers make Damian Lillard available.

Bleacher Report discusses the subject, stating that Sixers president Daryl Morey wants Dame or wants nothing at all. But the problem is that … no one in their right mind is going to give him up on a whim.

It does sound good for Philadelphia, especially since the pairing of Lillard with Joel Embiid, fresh off a supermax extension, would make for an impressive duo. But it doesn’t mean Portland will give up its best player just because Philly says that’s the new standard.

The Sixers will continue to put out information and play hardball to get what they want, but as the clock ticks down, it doesn’t look like the results will pan out in their favor.

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