Russell Westbrook says he has nothing to prove joining super-team Lakers (Video)

Russell Westbrook is asked if he has anything left to prove as he enters a new journey with the Lakers. His answer is no. 

Russell Westbrook has accomplished a lot in his 13 years of being in the NBA. He’s one of the most explosive guards ever, racking up the most triple-doubles in NBA history as of this past season. He overcame bouts of injury that could have proven detrimental to his career, playoff woes with what could have been his forever home in OKC, and constant movement on the trade market that would make anyone’s head spin.

But he’s found a new home, back in the same city that he played college ball in. Westbrook has decided to come to LA and play for the Los Angeles Lakers, joining LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard — a dream team in the making. But are there underlying reasons for his move?

When asked by reporters if Westbrook had something to prove, he gave them a resounding no

With the journey that Westbrook has taken, one may wonder if there’s unfinished business for the seasoned vet. When receiving his new threads at a press conference on Tuesday, he was asked if there’s anything left for him to prove. It was a valid question for an athlete who’s accomplished so much but not the ultimate goal of winning an NBA title.

His answer?

This says a lot, especially after having the journey that he’s had. He’s been able to make an impact in ways that can be felt way beyond his on-court presence. Does that mean that he doesn’t have motivations that’ll be reflected in his play this season? No.

Those goals are probably held close to him, and the ultimate goal of winning a championship is closer than it ever can be with him joining this squad. What he has to prove may not be for the world, it it may be for himself before anyone else.

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