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Is Ben Simmons even a good fit for the Warriors?

If Ben Simmons is traded from the Philadelphia 76ers, it might be to the Golden State Warriors.

There is a decent chance Ben Simmons has played his last game for the Philadelphia 76ers, as he could be possibly traded to another contending team like the Golden State Warriors.

Even if he is pretty much a non-shooter at this point of his career, Simmons is an elite ball-handler and is one of the best defensive wings in the NBA. Though he is probably not good enough to be anything more than the second-best player on a championship-caliber team, he could theoretically fill that role on Golden State, as already they Warriors have their No. 1 in Steph Curry.

If Simmons were to end up with the Warriors, how good of a fit would he be with Golden State?

Golden State Warriors: How would Ben Simmons fit onto their roster?

On the positive side of things, Simmons could serve as the primary ball-handler with Curry playing off him in a traditional shooting guard role. If Klay Thompson gets healthy, they would complement each other very well, as Thompson is a non-dribbler and Simmons is a non-shooter. Their defensive prowess alongside Draymond Green in the front court would be spectacular.

On the negative side of things, Thompson could be marginalized and playing out of position to some extent. The same could be said for Green who is more of a defensive-minded player than a scorer at this point of his career. Golden State could be great defensively, but we have to wonder if they have enough shooters, especially if Thompson is a shell of himself going forward into his 30s.

Ultimately, this all depends on what the Warriors would have to give up in a trade for Simmons. Because he game pairs very nicely next to Curry’s, it would be a success. While it could be a tad clunky defensively, Simmons does pair well with Thompson more than he does not. Where it is a challenge is how Green factors into this. He is a better player over him and possess similar traits.

Depending on what goes Philadelphia’s way, Simmons’ fit with the Warriors is actually a good one.

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