2021 NBA Draft: Draft order and live results for every pick

The 2021 NBA Draft will bring a huge infusion of talent to the league with a class that has both depth and star power. Find out who ended up where.

A full seven hours before the draft started, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski had already broken news of the first pick — Cade Cunningham to the Detroit Pistons. That effectively put the Houston Rockets on the clock to choose between Evan Mobley and Jalen Green.

Trade rumors have been flying and the order of picks is likely to change once the draft actually starts and deals are agreed upon so keep checking in to find out where your favorite teams is picking and which future stars they end up with.

2021 NBA Draft: Draft order and full results

    1. Detroit Pistons — Cade Cunningham, Wing, Oklahoma State
    2. Houston Rockets
    3. Cleveland Cavaliers
    4. Toronto Raptors
    5. Orlando Magic
    6. Oklahoma City Thunder
    7. Golden State Warriors
    8. Orlando Magic
    9. Sacramento Kings
    10. Memphis Grizzlies
    11. Charlotte Hornets
    12. San Antonio Spurs
    13. Indiana Pacers
    14. Golden State Warriors
    15. Washington Wizards
    16. Oklahoma City Thunder
    17. New Orleans Pelicans
    18. Oklahoma City Thunder
    19. New York Knicks
    20. Atlanta Hawks
    21. New York Knicks
    22. Los Angeles Lakers
    23. Houston Rockets
    24. Houston Rockets
    25. Los Angeles Clippers
    26. Denver Nuggets
    27. Brooklyn Nets
    28. Philadelphia 76ers
    29. Phoenix Suns
    30. Utah Jazz
    31. Milwaukee Bucks
    32. New York Knicks
    33. Orlando Magic
    34. Oklahoma City Thunder
    35. New Orleans Pelicans
    36. Oklahoma City Thunder
    37. Detroit Pistons
    38. Chicago Bulls
    39. Sacramento Kings
    40. Memphis Grizzlies
    41. San Antonio Spurs
    42. Detroit Pistons
    43. New Orleans Pelicans
    44. Brooklyn Nets
    45. Boston Celtics
    46. Toronto Raptors
    47. Toronto Raptors
    48. Atlanta Hawks
    49. Brooklyn Nets
    50. Philadelphia 76ers
    51. New Orleans Pelicans
    52. Detroit Pistons
    53. Philadelphia 76ers
    54. Indiana Pacers
    55. Oklahoma City Thunder
    56. Charlotte Hornets
    57. Charlotte Hornets
    58. New York Knicks
    59. Brooklyn Nets
    60. Indiana Pacers

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