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Mavericks bringing back Tim Hardaway on 4-year deal

Tim Hardaway Jr. has agreed to a four-year, $74 million deal which keeps him with the Dallas Mavericks and with teammate, Luka Doncic.

The Dallas Mavericks are making good decisions during free agency. With Luka Doncic coming closer to closing a deal worth over $200 million and the Mavs adding Reggie Bullock to the mix, the perimeter is going to to be a major threat. Add in a new deal for 29-year old Tim Hardaway Jr., and the Mavs are doing well on the first day of free agency.

We can argue all day about whether ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski or The Athletic’s Shams Charania is faster with announcing deals this free agency season, but Shams reported the deal to Twitter first, with Woj later updating the salary. Hardaway agreed to a four-year, $74 million contract with the Mavs after a stellar performance that nearly put Dallas in the Western Conference semifinals.

Tim Hardaway Jr. rejoins Luka Doncic after one of the most electrifying performances around the perimeter for the Mavericks this season

Hardaway partnered with Doncic, making for a major threat beyond the arc that had the LA Clippers a little nervous in the first round of the playoffs. That’s without even mentioning his 42-point game against the Detroit Pistons when Doncic was out with knee problems. The question wasn’t “Should we re-sign him or not?” but rather, “Can we re-sign him any sooner?”

This agreement, combined with Reggie Bullock, who shot over 40 percent from beyond the arc, makes for a perfect fit that slates the Mavs to be a major threat. They were quickly shuffled out in the playoffs this past season, but expect more tenacity this go-round.

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