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Wait, so is Skip Bayless a LeBron James fan now?

Despite over a decade as LeBron James’ biggest hater, Skip Bayless did a 180 on at least one issue.

Skip Bayless has made an entire television career off of outlandish opinions, and his perception of LeBron James is no exception. The former Dallas Morning-News columnist frequently delivers the dissenting opinion to what, at this stage in his career, has become a universally-praised figure in James. Very rarely does James step out of line, and his work as a social activist has made him one of the more vocal leaders in the modern NBA.

James’ work on the George Floyd protests, specifically on social media, has had a noticeable impact on Bayless, who’s even gone as far as to praise the man he’s loathed for so many years.

Skip Bayless praised LeBron James and we’re not sure what to make of it.

The return of NBA basketball has brought with it a fair amount of player dissent, led by the likes of Kyrie Irving. The main argument against restarting the season right now is that a distraction isn’t what the world needs right now. As protests against police brutality and racial injustice continue across the country, there’s a growing sentiment that distracting from the movement will stunts momentum that has helped enact change.

Patrick Beverley, who recently reacted to Irving’s comments by stating that he and most NBA players will side with LeBron should he make a definitive statement to resume the season, got Bayless’ attention.

Bayless coming around to the King’s ways, at least in the community, is 15 years in the making. James has long been a philanthropist, and despite Bayless’ need to increase his viewership tenfold, he cannot abandon the shred of journalistic integrity he has left by bashing an NBA legend on the right side of history.

Skip’s praise is unlikely to last, especially if the NBA season does come back per the King’s wishes. Games will be played, and therefore letdowns to be exploited on a sports show frequently outdrawn by your daily PBS children’s show.

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