Stop what you’re doing and watch this turtle dribble a basketball

A turtle “dribbling” a basketball is the latest viral video keeping Twitter entertained until sports return.

There are no sports happening right now and that means beggars can’t be choosers. Already this week I spent a good five minutes watching marbles race through the dirt. I’m not kidding when I tell you that when it was over, I restarted the video because I wanted to get a closer look at how one of the marbles from the back of the pile managed to get up near the front of the race. Since there is only one marble racing video (that I know of) I was quite delighted to come across this video of a turtle playing with a basketball.

The turtle has some pretty impressive handles considering it doesn’t have opposable thumbs…or hands for that matter. Also, did anyone else notice how fast the turtle got back over to the ball after the first time it pushed it? Pretty sure it might be able to get back in transition faster than Robin Lopez.

Don’t worry, there’s more.

This next clip has me concerned. The turtle seems to be phoning in its effort. Kind of reminds me of LeBron’s performance in Game 5 of the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals vs. the Celtics.

Anyway, Twitter loves the basketball turtle. As they should.

If you want more of the turtle, here is a video of it eating a strawberry.

Sports, please come back soon.

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