Triple-doubles, 30-footers and all the stats that defined this NBA decade

In case you haven’t noticed, the 2010s are officially over. And it was a wild ride in the Association.

It was a span full of triple-doubles, shattered 3-point records and LeBron James trips to the NBA Finals. However, other questions remain outside of points, rebounds and assists. Who was statistically the best in the clutch? Who clanked the most shots? Who won the Rasheed Wallace award for most technical fouls? Here is a look at the stats that defined a decade, courtesy of research by ESPN Stats & Information.

Note: All stats are based on regular-season numbers.

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Stats of the 2010s: NBA’s best of the decade

The Golden State Warriors might own three titles in the decade and an NBA-record 73-win season, but let’s not forget the sustained excellence by Gregg Popovich’s crew, who won 47 or more games during every full season of the decade. And when it comes to the biggest losers, there are no surprises here.

Most wins
San Antonio Spurs (554); Oklahoma City Thunder (515).

Most losses
Sacramento Kings (522); Minnesota Timberwolves (510).

Let’s get to some individual stats, where we see a host of superstars who have dominated throughout the 2010s.

Most points
James Harden (19,578); LeBron James (19,372).

Most assists
Russell Westbrook (6,447); Chris Paul (6,197).

Most assisted dunks
Russell Westbrook (1,388); James Harden (1,162).

Most assisted 3-pointers
LeBron James (2,133); Chris Paul (1,962).

Most rebounds
DeAndre Jordan (8,880); Andre Drummond (7,932).

Most steals
Chris Paul (1,401); Russell Westbrook (1,345).

Most blocks
Serge Ibaka (1,626); DeAndre Jordan (1,310).

Most minutes played
LeBron James (26,909); James Harden (26,634).

Most double-doubles
Dwight Howard (417); Andre Drummond (387).

Most triple-doubles
Russell Westbrook (143); LeBron James (62).

Where did all those points come from? Some of the best scorers checked in during the 2010s. Here’s how they got it done in the decade:

Most made 3-pointers
Stephen Curry (2,452); James Harden (2,163).

Most made 30-footers
Stephen Curry (66), Damian Lillard (59), Trae Young (38).

Most made dunks
DeAndre Jordan (1,956); Dwight Howard (1,598).

Most made 2-pointers
LeBron James (6,059); LaMarcus Aldridge (6,012).

Most made midrange field goals
LaMarcus Aldridge (2,688); Dirk Nowitzki (2,379).

Most made free throws
James Harden (5,869); Kevin Durant (4,649).

They can’t all go in. Here’s a look at the most misses of the decade (sorry, Dwight and DeAndre):

Most missed free throws
Dwight Howard (2,401); DeAndre Jordan (1,696).

Most missed field goals
Russell Westbrook (8,055); James Harden (7,190).

Most missed 3-point field goals
James Harden (3,741); Stephen Curry (3,174).

DeMarcus Cousins takes the Rasheed Wallace award for the most technical fouls of the decade. And remember, Cousins hasn’t played more than 48 games in a season since 2016-17.

Most technical fouls
DeMarcus Cousins (122); Russell Westbrook (120).

Most player ejections
DeMarcus Cousins (15); Matt Barnes (10); Markieff Morris (10).

Most personal fouls
DeMarcus Cousins (2,175); Serge Ibaka (2,136).

Don’t forget about the coaches, among whom three legends lead the way … in getting tossed.

Most technical fouls by coaches
Gregg Popovich (75); Doc Rivers (63); Rick Carlisle (63).

Most coach ejections
Gregg Popovich (12), Rick Carlisle (8); Doc Rivers (8).

Finally, let’s hit clutch time, in which these stars have shined down the stretch. See, there was a reason the Portland Trail Blazers signed Melo!

Most go-ahead baskets in final five seconds of the fourth quarter/overtime
Russell Westbrook (9); Carmelo Anthony (8).

Most buzzer-beaters
Joe Johnson (6); Monta Ellis (3); Tobias Harris (3).

Most clutch-time points
Russell Westbrook (1,391); LeBron James (1,322).

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