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NBA draftees have no idea who OutKast, Destiny’s Child are and we all feel old

Ahead of the NBA Draft, ESPN played a game called “Name The 90’s.” It revealed the incoming rookie class needs to brush up on their pop culture.

The incoming wave of rookies in the NBA are awfully talented at shooting, running, jumping, rebounding and things that make them great at basketball. However, as talented as they are at hoops, they are that terrible when it comes to 90s pop culture.

ESPN played a game of “Name the 90s” with some of the top draft prospects and the results were troubling. For anyone who is a child of the 90s or thrived in the 90s, this will make you feel ancient and the realization that you are old will sink in.

Are you ready for this? The NBA Draft picks had no idea who OutKast was, no clue who Destiny’s Child was and looked at the Super Nintendo like my generation did looking at an Atari system.

If you really wanna feel old, consider the majority of the draft picks were born after the 90s! Maybe I’m biased for my generation but I know we respected the generations that came before us and we were well aware of the musical giants that preceded us by a couple of decades. This is just a shame and further proof that Millennials are ruining everything.

The Twitter reactions were a mix of people accepting their fate as being old and disappointment at these players not being educated of the great musical acts that came before them.

I expect these rookies will soon get educated on OutKast and Destiny’s Child from their older teammates who were born after Y2K.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to Aquemini while playing Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II on my SNES.

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