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Kings double-down on Vlade Divac and fire Dave Joerger

The Sacramento Kings have given Vlade Divac full control of basketball operations and his first move was to fire Dave Joerger.

You don’t have to be a Sacramento Kings insider to know that Vlade Divac wanted full control of the basketball side of the operation.

Up until recently, he’s had to share the GM duties with Brandon Williams, but, according to a tweet from Sam Amick of The Athletic, Divac is moving to fire Williams and take over complete control of the basketball operations.

None of this is really a shock in Sacramento.

Many felt as if Williams was trying his best to usurp the power that Divac wielded over the franchise, but it’s Divac who, apparently, is having the last laugh here. He never really wanted to share the GM duties with anyone else, as Divac has a blueprint as to how he wants to reconstruct the Kings.

Williams, it seems, was in the way of implementing that blueprint, and the only way to see that the plans go forth uninterrupted is to fire the person who is perceived to be in the way.

So, good look on your future endeavors, Williams.

Now, Divac seemingly has full control of the basketball operations, some believed that this would mean that head coach Dave Joerger would be safe in his position.

Thanks to a “Woj Bomb” from NBA God Adrian Wojnarowski, we know that’s not the case.

In reality, this isn’t really a surprise, either. Joerger and Divac have butted heads about the direction of the team, and now that there’s no one to stop Divac from enacting his will, Joerger was all-but-certain to be gone.

So what does all of this mean for the Kings?

The answer is, we don’t know? It may be for the best, but it also could be for the worst. All we know is Divac has complete control, and the ride is just about to begin in California’s capital.

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