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Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons demonstrate chemistry with epic flop

We have seen some epic flops over our lifetime, but none may be able to top what Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons tried to accomplish against the Bucks.

What we saw Joel Embiid try to accomplish on Sunday was something that should be enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Granted, we have seen our share of epic flops, one most recent in a college basketball game, in fact. But none, and I mean none, could ever top what Embiid tried to do against the Milwaukee Bucks.

On a missed shot, Embiid tried to sky for a rebound, but he had second thoughts and was so close to Bucks forward D.J. Wilson, that he decided to try and draw a foul on Wilson. AND SO DID BEN SIMMONS.

While flying in, Embiid threw himself hard to the floor, so hard that many wondered how he came up from that fall uninjured. Also, in the video above, you could see that he almost crushed Ben Simmons, which definitely would have made any Philadelphia 76ers fan scream in horror.

Fortunately for Simmons, Embiid missed him and the floor took all of Joel’s force. However, his flop from grace was in vain as a loose ball foul was called on Philly, with the Bucks retaining possession.

You can’t judge anyone for watching this epic double-flop on repeat all day long. I mean, they both summoned all of their dramatic energy on this flop, and we also can’t help but wonder if they feel sore the day after, given the way they slammed into the floor.

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It looked really painful, but, Embiid is a player that will do anything for a win, even if it meant injuring both himself and his teammate. We’re pretty sure we will see more flops in the future, but the one by Embiid may not be topped this season.

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