Golden State Warriors

Uh, what did Steve Kerr just say?

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was caught on camera saying something that may get a lot of attention within the next few days.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is having a bit of a challenging season, at least at home.

One of the biggest shocks from Sunday’s slate of hoops was the Warriors falling to the 16-52 Phoenix Suns. Yes, you read that correctly. The Warriors, the two-time NBA champions and perceived preseason favorite to walk all over the Association for their third-straight ring, dropped a game to a team they’ve dominated the past five seasons.

Even more, it was their 10th home loss of the year, the most Kerr has suffered during his tenure in Golden State. Way to send off a proper farewell to one of the NBA’s more iconic arenas, guys.

So, yea, that’s two reasons the Warriors made news on Sunday, but there was a third reason. With 1:35 remaining in the game, and with Phoenix leading 111-106, Kerr called a timeout to try to remind his guys that they shouldn’t be losing to the extremely young Suns.

Before the camera cut away to commercial, however, a zoomed-in Kerr was caught uttering some words that we didn’t hear, but, thank to the power of lip-reading, appear to be:

“I’m so f****g tired of Draymond.”

See for yourself below (the full video is below CJ Fogler’s tweet).

Again, we want to stress very clearly that we don’t know if Kerr actually said this. We can always get lip-reading wrong, but that’s what it appeared  that he said, and Twitter promptly gave their two-cents:

So, yea, people have their own takes to this, which, will no doubt, be discussed from 58,000 angles on ESPN for the next day or so.

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