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Even the Wizards mid-game entertainment is a mess

The Washington Wizards have been awful this season. How bad? Their awfulness is bleeding into mid-game entertainment. Not even Power Wheels are safe.

There is no question that the Washington Wizards have been a complete disaster this season. They’re so bad, that their awfulness has spread to other areas of the Wizards game experience.

Witness “The Parking Challenge.”

In the middle of a recent home win against the Milwaukee Bucks, during a timeout, the Wizards got two kids to race each other in Power Wheels in a game called “The Parking Challenge.” The idea of this challenge was to race each other down the court, turn around, and race back and park in the parking spot they started in. The first one to do it won.

We don’t know if a prize was tacked on to this, but it was an interesting idea.

What could have gone wrong?


As you could see from the video, Roger, one of the contestants, was fully intent on beating Boyler. Maybe the two have some beef outside of Capital One Arena, I don’t know; but when Roger took off, he immediately crashed into Boyler’s Jeep Power Wheel. Not only did Roger intentionally crash into Boyler, but he also took out his teammates, actually knocking over one of the game attendants.

Boyler was able to get his Power Wheel up and going, but Roger was way ahead of him, rounding the orange cone before Boyler even reached it. On his way back to the “parking spot,” Roger decided to run over the game’s host as well.

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He nearly took her out, with the host having quick reflexes to get out of the way before she suffered the same fate as one of the game attendants. Roger was able to park in his spot and took home a gift bag.

Hey, if you’re not cheating, or trying to run people over, you’re not trying.

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