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Steph Curry continues to get trolled for comments about moon landing

Steph Curry just can’t escape being trolled about his moon landing comments, as he found out in Sacramento on Friday night.

In what was one small step for the Kings but a giant leap for trolling Curry, Sacramento’s Twitter account joined the dog pile of folks ribbing the former MVP for his very unscientific take on the moon landing.

During Friday night’s game between Curry’s Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings at the Golden 1 Center, while Golden State’s lineup was being introduced, the Jumbotron showed a clip of an astronaut walking on the moon while the song “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon” by The Kiboomers rang throughout the arena.

When Stephen Curry made a few simple comments about not necessarily believing that the NASA moon landings actually happened, he probably didn’t expect the storm that would follow.

It’s pretty much all anybody can talk about on the Internet right now. Ever since he made the comments on The Ringer’s “Winning It” podcast, he’s been getting nothing but flack for it. NASA even offered to give him a tour of their lunar labs in Houston to prove that it was real, which Curry said he would accept despite claiming that his comments were meant as a joke.

The trolling might get old after a while, but at least Curry is dealing with it the right way — by just laughing along with it.

“They caught me off guard,” Curry said, via “That was solid, that was solid. ‘A’ for effort, for sure.”

For additional comedy, here’s an entertaining rant by ESPN’s Michael Wilbon on “Pardon The Interruption” about Curry’s moon landing comments.

Curry and the Warriors got the last laugh of the evening, however, as they defeated the Kings 130-125, and Curry unloaded for a game-high 35 points with five 3-pointers.

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Eventually, once everybody gets tired of giving Curry a hard time, the trolling should die down. We don’t hear as much about Kyrie Irving believing in the flat earth theory as we used to, because it’s an old subject and people have moved on. Curry just has to wait this out.

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