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Kyle Lowry’s fabled fanny grabs attention from women at Oracle

There are many reasons to appreciate Kyle Lowry — his vision, his defense, his intensity, his jumper. Some fans at a recent game also appear to be big fans of his posterior.

Kyle Lowry is one of the best point guards in the NBA, a four-time All-Star who just this week led the Toronto Raptors to victory over the Clippers and the Warriors, even without Kawhi Leonard, but his on-court heroics were not what grabbed the attention of two women sitting courtside at Oracle Arena in Oakland on Wednesday night. They were apparently enraptured not by Lowry’s prowess as a player, but rather by his plentiful posterior.

In this clip, you can see Lowry lean down, with his hands on his knees, assessing the situation before inbounding the ball midway through the fourth quarter. As he does so, the eyes of the woman sitting directly behind him drift downward and widen, causing her to lean to her left to both get a better view and also inform her friend of the desirable derriere right in front of them. However, her friend appears to have already noticed, and though she is seemingly intrigued by Lowry’s heart-stopping hindquarters, she also appears a bit embarrassed, trying to laugh off her apparent interest as mere childishness.

In the past, Lowry’s robust rear has garnered attention in the past not only from middle-aged women, but also analysts as supposedly sterile and objective as Zach Lowe who once said in a podcast, that Lowry’s “a** is so giant that people run into it before they run into a normal person’s a**.” Perhaps this is why Lowry has shown himself so willing to take charges throughout his career; he knows that he has a good cushion to land on.

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Of course, Lowry is much more than a piece of meat to be ogled at, and has reasserted himself as one of the best point guards in the NBA yet again this season, leading both the league in assists and the Raptors to the best record in the NBA thus far. He looks like a near lock to appear in his fifth consecutive All-Star Game and both he and his fabled fanny will be in action tonight in Portland against the Trail Blazers.

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