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Did Channing Frye call Draymond Green ‘a hobo on bath salts’?

Channing Frye is apparently not a fan of Draymond Green.

Draymond Green has a lot of enemies, with one being Channing Frye.

The Los Angeles Lakers forward has history battling against Green from his time with the Cavaliers, which makes him an astute observer of the way Green reacts on the court to calls that don’t go his way. The latest case was Game 3 when Green picked up an early technical foul trying to go mano-to-mano with the Cleveland Cavalier’s Tristian Thompson.

When he clearly made contact with LeBron James on the next play, he went into one of his famous (or infamous) outbursts, which almost landed him in the locker room. NBA on ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy remarked that, no matter how much Daymond ranted and raved, he wasn’t going to get thrown out of the game “until late.”

Frye took some exception to that, firing off this wonderful tweet:

In some respects, Frye is correct.

The way the refs treat Draymond is laughable at times. If that was any other player, they would have been sent to the showers and watched the rest of the game from inside the locker room. The same doesn’t go for Draymond, who has earned his reputation as one of the most volatile players in the NBA.

Green is one of the best defensive power forwards in the game and his trash-talking becoming legendary, However, he has a tendency to toe the line, which he gets away with because the refs have become almost numb to it. Should Green have been kicked out of the game after that outburst? Yes, for the simple fact that, if it was Thompson, he would have taken the walk of shame to the locker room.

Draymond is too good of a player to let little things get to him.

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